About Rockwool Wholesale


We recently just celebrated our grand opening in the 2015 business year and as our commitment to providing great service we strive to be #1 in the industry. We would like your visit with us to be enjoyable and easy, so we created a simple format for you to navigate through our website to view all our Rockwool products. Our hours of operation are from Monday-Saturday 10 AM PST - 6 PM PST, during those hours we are here to service your every need along with providing you great Rockwool products. At we provide our clients with all sorts of amounts, anywhere from 1 cube to several hundred cases. We understand how important it is for our clients to be able to contact us and speak with us about your problems, and if you give us a call at Rockwool Wholesale we will be sure to be there to help!


Commitment to Great Service

 What kept us strong since our opening is our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service. We regularly measure our service through customer surveys and customer messages. We have consistently scored high marks on our surveys and we do not settle for nothing less, At the same time we are always improving to better serve your every need. 


Rockwool Whoesale Quality

We are a reseller of the popularly known brand of rockwool called Grodan. We focus on Grodan products , knowing the need for a superior growing media we see a high demand for Grodan rockwool in the agricultural and horticultural industries. We found the solution and the answer would be Rockwool Wholesale. With their spectacular quality in stonewool and the high absorbency rate, nothing can beat Grodan. With other competitors trying to be like Grodan, you can see all the other stonewool products out and we can comfortably say that majority prefer Grodan Rockwool.


Rockwool Wholesale in the Community

Along with carrying the top brand of Growing Media and excellent service, the staff at Rockwool Wholesale are always seeking new opportunities to help other indviduals, business, and origanizations "grow". Just contact us with any questions or concerns and it would be our pleasure to help you with every assistance you need. 


Rockwool Wholesale

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